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Energy Efficiency is the most important single future source of energy. Energy Efficiency is internationally recognised as the most cost-effective means of reducing dependence on fossil fuels. By leveraging on the best available technologies in the market, One Energy helps our clients to get more efficiency from less energy to do the same level of work. You save massive energy bills every month, with return of investment that is 1-2 years or sometimes even less.

One Energy has a consistent track record of beyond what we have agreed with our valued Clients. Our integrity is our most important asset. Our projects covered a wide spectrum of entities – Buildings, Condo Facilities, Educational Institutions and Factory Plants. Operations and maintenance issues have been carefully addressed either by the technology itself or by way of installations. Work with us to help you achieve Energy Efficiency with the lowest possible payback period. We are successful only when you are.

With Energy Efficiency, we also help conserve vital resources of Our Earth. Together, we help protect Our Planet.

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  • Saves energy costs by 8-20%.
  • Improves power factor by about 10%.
  • Reduces harmonics.
  • No impact on Operations and Maintenance.

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